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These are commendations given by people who have traveled with us:

"Thanks to you for a well-planned visit (to Trinidad), and it is hard to imagine how it could have been better." Virginia

"We must tell you again how much we enjoyed and appreciated the tour. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I feel we had the best tour and at the best price as well...we feel we 'lucked out' in our decision to take the Bontrager tour..." Saskatchewan, Canada

"It exceeded my expectations tremendously. Having someone with years of experience in the country was most helpful." Missouri

"It certainly was a great trip for us with just the right mix of church and nature viewing." Florida

"Greatly enriched my understanding of history and archeology - good fellowship. Thanks for all the things you did to make this a great trip." Kentucky

"Well organized...good information...pleasant group...tips to tour guides paid in advance...no hidden costs - Thanks!" Colorado

"Met my expectations, and even more! Of course, you never can anticipate all the enrichment you receive, but I expected to be challenged in my preconceived ideas, but it was great to be stretched." Pennsylvania

"We loved traveling with your group, and have told everyone we know that it was the best traveling group in our experience." Virginia

"More than met my expectations! Pictures could not convey the sights we saw...hotels were much nicer than I expected, and everyone was so helpful and patient." Missouri

"It passed my expectations. I loved every bit of it. I got a lot of history and biblical information. Everything was well organized and people were personable, and our guides were excellent." Anonymous